Pink Bay – Kangaroo Island beach holiday
Pink Bay – Kangaroo Island beach holiday

Kangaroo Island Beach Holiday Pink Bay is a secluded sandy beach that is safe for swimming, snorkelling, fishing & sunbaking. It is a 2-3 minute walk from the Lodge and Eco Villas and a 1 minute walk from the Spa Villa. With large granite boulders either side and a pristine white sandy beach, it offers Sea Dragon Lodge guests the perfect Kangaroo Island beach holiday setting.

Kangaroos and Wallabies regularly cross the beach each day and offer guests a special wildlife encounter that is not often seen – Kangaroos on the beach!

Many visitors come to Kangaroo Island to see our amazing beaches and enjoy a seaside holiday. Pink Bay not only offers this for our guests, but has the added bonus that they get to enjoy the beach in complete privacy. It is an ideal place to enjoy a glass a wine while sitting on the rocks watching the kangaroos play as the sun goes down casting a beautiful pink hue over the beach and surrounds.

The water temperature does not vary much over the year and range from about 16oC to 22o C. So while the water is not warm, it’s not freezing and most people find it very refreshing. There’s nothing quite like swimming in your very own pristine beach with only Kangaroos as onlookers.

The fish life around the rocky edges is prolific and offers snorkelers a interesting swim. For the fishing enthusiasts, we regularly catch Salmon, Ocean Mullet, flathead, tommy ruffs and sand whiting from the rocks. For more details on fishing on Kangaroo island click here.

If you are a photography enthusiast you will find some great shots as the early morning sun lights up the orange lichen on the granite boulders along each edge of the beach.

Dolphins and seals regularly visit Pink Bay. During winter months we also have the occasional Southern Right Whale rest in the Bay which provides a spectacular sight.

If you would like to see a video of the beach, please click below.

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