Kangaroo Island Attractions
Kangaroo Island Attractions

Australian Sealions having a kiss

Seal Bay Conservation Park

About Seal Bay
Daily guided tours are conducted at this unspoiled wilderness. Details available at http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/sealbay/home

Seal Bay has been home to the Australian sea lion for thousands of years, and offers one of the most exceptional nature-based experiences in the world.

There are no enclosures or cages at Seal Bay. Instead, you will be taken into the heart of the colony where our experienced guides will teach you about these endangered animals. If you prefer, you can set your own pace on the wheelchair accessible 900 metre (return) boardwalk which meanders through the dunes to a number of viewing platforms.

This is the only place in the world where you can see Australian sea lions at close quarters and walk on a beach where pups play, bulls fight for supremacy and resting mothers suckle their young.

At Seal Bay you’ll have incredible views of the extraordinary coastline and sea lion colony, you’ll walk through an untouched dune system, and onto a pristine sandy beach. You will be given unique insights into how these endangered animals fish, surf, rest, interact with their pups and defend their territory.

Walking on Sea Bay About Australian Sea Lions Australian sea lions (Neophoca cinerea) and form part of the ‘eared’ seal family. Their front flippers are used to prop themselves up and their back flippers to help them to ‘walk’ on land. They use their back flippers act as a rudder in the water. They differ from earless or ‘true’ seals (such as leopard seals) which have no external ear flaps and can’t use their hind legs when on land.

The Australian sea Lion is one of the rarest species in the world with the entire population estimated at only 14,700. We are fortunate to have nearly 85 percent living in South Australia, the rest live in Western Australia.

Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island supports the 3rd largest colony of Australian sea lions and has approximately 1,000 animals. In the 19th century these seals were nearly hunted to extinction and so we are very lucky that places like Seal Bay exist at all.

Emu Ridge Distillery

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery Emu Ridge is a unique attraction where you can find out how a traditional Aussie bush product is made. They will show you the past and present process of eucalyptus oil distilling. Eucalyptus oil was Australia’s first true export overseas and one of Kangaroo Island’s major industries that employed more than 600 people in the 1930s. Emu Ridge is now the only remaining commercial eucalyptus oil distillery in South Australia, and is proud to have preserved a major part of KI’s heritage and produce a eucalyptus oil that is unique to the world.

The Emu Ridge site has an excellent retail outlet that offers an extensive range of local produce, art, craft and historical memorabilia. Emu Ridge also operates as the Cellar Door for locally produced Award Winning Kangaroo Island Ciders.

They offer Tea/ Coffee, Platters and light meals, have an indoor and large outdoor area that is available for picnickers or groups to enjoy their meals.

It’s free to browse the shop and watch a complimentary DVD of the process. Self and Guided Tours are available.

Emu Ridge Distillery
Willsons Rd, MacGillivray Kangaroo Island
Open 9 – 2 daily or by appointment.
PH 08 8553 8228


Kangaroo Island Beehive sells the best honey icecream Island Beehive is an interactive Visitor Centre located in Kingscote. The Centre promotes the Ligurian Bee story and provides links between heritage, environment and food production. Island Beehive produces world renowned, Certified Organic Ligurian Bee Honey. Complete with Cafe, Gift Shop, Honey Produce and Tours. Tours of the facility are available most days on every half hour from 10am to 3:30pm, and free honey tastings highlight the industry to Island visitors.

Being one of the first, and now amongst the biggest organic honey producers in Australia, Peter Davis the owner of Island Beehive is a leading voice in the honey production industry in Australia and is pro-active in protecting and promoting the Ligurian Bee heritage. Peter is constantly looking for ways to mentor and encourage people in the production of honey and bee products.

Make sure you try the honey icecream… It’s delicious!!

Island Beehive
59 Playford Highway, Kingscote, South Australia, 5223
Open 9 – 5pm daily.
PH 08 8553 0080