‘Birdwatching’ Tour


Duration: 8 hours

Focus: birds, wildlife, and Australian Bushland

Includes: morning tea, lunch, refreshments & nibbles

Departure Time: 9:30am

There are over 200 species of Australian birds on Kangaroo Island. Our bird-expert guide will tailor make an itinerary to focus on types of birds you would most like to view.

  • Popular locations include Lashmar Lagoon, Chapman River, Duck Lagoon and Murrays Lagoon to see water birds as well as many other Australian bird species.
  • Wedge Tailed eagles are widespread across the island, however if you want to see these majestic creatures up close and personal, then Raptor Domain showcases many of Australia’s raptors such as the majestic Wedge Tail eagle. Most of the birds in the free-flight presentation have been injured or orphaned and are not suitable for release. They are now amazing ambassadors for their species. Every day these beautiful birds enjoy showing people their hunting techniques and natural behaviours.
  • This tour also includes other wildlife spotting and sightseeing opportunities which will be discussed and included where possible in your personalised itinerary.

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